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Carlia Greyling


She’s got the moves … and the mind! It hasn’t been that long since Carlia Greyling, Curro Durbanville Class of 2020, completed her Grade 12 year but in this short time, she hasn’t been sitting still – on the contrary, she has been dancing her way to greatness and will soon be classed as a professional dancer, all while studying business administration and working as an intern. 

There is no place like home, therefore it’s no surprise that Carlia chose Curro Durbanville as the school of choice for an internship. The year 2020, in which Carlia graduated, was the year the COVID-19 pandemic hit South Africa and we went into our first lockdown. This meant that the Grade 12 learners had to adapt to new way of school and missed out on many exciting experiences. By interning at Curro Durbanville, Carlia can experience ‘school life’ a little bit longer.

Carlia’s time at school was certainly interesting and she has some great memories, including taking part in the school’s musical productions ‘Snow’ and ‘Alice’, but her story about a Grade R break that went wrong, really tickled our ribs. ‘I bit my lunch box open in Garde R and my loose tooth shot out. The class helped me look for it and I got my money from the tooth fairy.’ We guess that’s what classmates are for … friendship, laugher and providing help whenever, and however, needed. 😉

Inspired by her father’s ambition and her mother’s kind heart, Carlia wants to live a life with no regrets. ‘I underwent various changes in one simple year (2021) and it truly made me realise that we cannot determine every aspect of our lives or what our futures look like … I want to chase my dream no matter how scary it might seem at times. I owe it to myself to at least try and never have the regret of not knowing what could have been.’

Carlia wants to open a performing arts institute in South Africa one day, as she says there is a big gap in the market for a high-end organisation that offers all types of performing arts. We have no doubt that she will achieve her dream and we will support her all the way. She has certainly danced her way into our hearts.