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Andrea Hurter

Andrea Hurter

Curro Durbanville - 2011


Chameleons are unique and beautiful! They are most known for their distinct range of colours and can adapt to their environment … much like Andrea Hurter, Curro Durbanville Class of 2011 and founder of Chameleon Creatives – a makeup agency like no other. 

After matriculating, Andrea wanted to live out her creativity through drama and subsequently enrolled at City Varsity where she completed an advanced diploma in screen acting. After this three-year course Andrea didn’t feel completely ready for the drama industry yet. So, like a chameleon, she adapted, first took a gap year and then completed a certificate in journalism … even though she quickly realised that this wasn’t a journey she wanted to continue. And so, after a lot of hard work and many courses, she found her other passion – owning her own makeup business.

Andrea’s creativity was already sparked at school and being part of the school production of ‘The Great Gatsby’ is something she lists as a highlight. She also has many other happy memories of school – including of Miss Olivia and her entire Grade 1 year. She also remembers that very special occasion when parents were invited to have breakfast at school, and of course the annual Valentine’s balls.

Andrea hopes to continue working as a makeup artist and entrepreneur, and even though she also dreams of working on international film sets, she loves South Africa. ‘I realise we have problems, but, man, we also have so much beauty. I think it's important to remember that you can look into the darkness but be careful not to stare.’ This creative chameleon has plans for a long and happy career and encourages us to be grateful for the adversities life offers us – these are actually hidden opportunities.