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Alisha Royappen

Alisha Royappen

Curro Academy Wilgeheuwel - 2020


Keeping a level head in a medical emergency is something not many individuals can do. Many of us would faint at the first sight of blood or completely freeze when someone requires emergent care. Not Alisha Royappen, Curro Academy Wilgeheuwel Class of 2020 – she wants to save lives, which is why she is training to become an emergency-care practitioner.

Attending her matric year while we were in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, and under strict lockdown, could not have been easy but Alisha has learnt some valuable lessons and now she is the one working towards helping others. After graduation Alisha enrolled at the University of Johannesburg to study emergency medicine and she is currently in her second year of her degree.

Choosing this career path takes guts and determination, qualities Alisha certainly have. This dynamic young woman has participated in karate for 14 years and continues to compete and win awards! Better not mess with her … 😉

The Class of 2020 missed out on a lot of the ‘givens’ that the ones who graduated before them could enjoy, but Alisha was lucky enough to still be able to attend the Inter-Curro Athletics event as well as her matric valediction – some of the highlights of her school career. She treasures those final moments with her class.  

Alisha draws inspiration from her parents and has big dreams for our country. She hopes that we are able to live in a country free of corruption, discrimination and injustice. Alisha is certainly doing her part.