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Windhoek Gymnasium Pre-primary School


Windhoek Gymnasium is an independent school with a preschool phase in Windhoek, Namibia. We provide high-quality early childhood development for children from 3 years to Grade R by following the Namibian curriculum. As a Curro Select school, our school fees make it possible for us to have small class sizes based on age, to offer breakfast and a morning snack, and for our dedicated teachers to build a personal relationship with each child. We also have a registered nurse on-site and we accommodate learners who speak English, Afrikaans, and German.


What do we offer?

As a preschool, we provide a safe, nurturing environment where children are cared for and engaged in play-based developmental activities. Our classrooms are designed to encourage educational curiosity and to act as a third teacher of sorts, while our playgrounds are equipped with play structures that inspire physical development through movement and play. Our small class sizes are divided by age group, which enables our teachers to spend quality time with each child, and we accommodate learners who speak German.


We follow Namibia’s preschool curriculum

Our curriculum is based on Stepping Stones by Grové and Hauptfleisch, All-in-One, and the Namibian pre-primary syllabus (from 3 to 5 years). We focus on the holistic early childhood development of the children – emotional, perceptual, motorial, social and intellectual – and our programme is enriched by regular excursions to interesting venues and additional activities. This provides the learner with a basis from which to master specific academic skills at a later stage.


We focus on early childhood development through the ELDAs

As a Curro Select school, we incorporate the latest research in physical and cognitive development. Our small class sizes, carefully designed playgrounds, safety measures and daily programmes make our preschool a safe and fun-filled home away from home. By focusing on developmental areas rather than strict milestones, children feel encouraged and supported in their development. If our dedicated teachers notice that a child has development difficulty that cause concern, they would reach out to you to discuss possible ways to help.

These learning and development areas include the following:

  • Physical well-being: fine and gross motor development
  • Identity and belonging: self-awareness, self-management and social awareness
  • Communication: listening, understanding, speaking and responding
  • Mathematics: quantity, patterns, shapes, time and counting
  • Creativity: playing, drawing, painting, dancing, and other creative areas
  • Learning about the world: exploring and understanding the world around them


See what we offer on our fact sheet (see Downloads).


Our activities

As a Curro Select school, we believe that participation in extramural activities plays an important role in early childhood development. Our daily programme is packed with a variety of physical and cognitive activities, where children play while they learn. Such activities even include bible time, art and music, and play with large bricks which form the important early foundations for later Robotics studies – and these activities are included in our school fees. Extramural activities are offered as additional opportunities to strengthen focus areas or hone certain skills. Our extramural activities are offered by external tutors or coaches at an additional cost, and take place on the school’s premises.

See which activities we offer on our fact sheet (see Downloads).

Quick Facts


English, Afrikaans and German


From 3 years to Grade R

Class size


Monthly fees

N$3 410

School times

08:00 – 12:00


Until 17:30

Teachers' assistants 


Meals included