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Waterstone College High School

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School transport

Our school transport service is available to learners travelling one way or return from Bassonia, Mulbarton, Glenvista, Lenasia, Vereeniging, Meyerton, Vanderbijlpark and Sasol areas, at an additional cost as stipulated on our fees letter. The route to and from Eye of Africa carries an additional cost only when dropping off in the afternoon. 


Specialised classrooms

As a Curro Select school, we have created a safe, modern environment where children can grow accustomed to learning and working with modern equipment and facilities. Along with our small class sizes, this ensures that they develop 21st-century skills. Therefore, our classrooms and laboratories for specialised subjects such as Robotics are equipped with the latest technology and 21st-century learning tools.

Our specialised teaching facilities include the following:

  • Auditorium and amphitheatre
  • Science laboratories
  • Technology and computer centres
  • Dedicated eSports gaming room (in development)
  • Therapy rooms
  • Fully equipped cafeteria


Academic support centre

Our academic support centre provides a personal remedial support for learners who require additional support in academic, behavioural or emotional aspects. Learners receive tailor-made programmes aimed at meeting their individual needs, and we emphasise early intervention to prevent difficulties later on. 

Our academic support centre offers the following:

  • On-site team of multi-disciplinary therapists and psychologists.
  • Career guidance and subject choice assessments for Grade 9 learners.
  • School-readiness assessments for learners in Group 5 and Grade R.
  • Classes on improving study methods and test-taking skills.
  • Early identification of academic, behavioural, or emotional challenges.
  • Parental guidance and support.


Superior activity facilities

Our wide variety of sports and cultural activities are hosted on international-standard courts and fields. During the 2010 FIFA World Cup, the national Mexican team used our soccer field to practise.

Our activity facilities include the following:

  • School of Arts (several carefully designed studios)
  • Music lab
  • Media and art centres
  • Dance studio
  • High-performance centre and fully equipped gymnasium
  • Sports fields and indoor swimming pools
  • Hockey AstroTurf and tennis/netball courts


Waterstone College history

When did our school open its doors?

Our school was established in 2007 with merely 120 learners and 10 staff members. In seven short years, we became one of the fastest-growing schools in the province and joined the Curro group as a Curro Select school. By 2015 our numbers had increased to over 1 300 learners and 120 staff members, and our preschool opened one year later – and we have just kept growing.


Our school is surrounded by natural beauty

Our contemporary buildings and spectacular facilities have been carefully designed to preserve the natural beauty of our school’s surroundings and our foundations are solidly laid in our Christian values (ethics and morals). We believe that these elements, along with our small class sizes and specialised subjects such as Robotics, play a great part in what makes our school one where children love to learn and develop 21st-century skills.


Take a virtual tour of our school

Our high school is located in Kibler Park, Johannesburg, and provides high-quality education for learners from Grade 8 to Grade 12. Our dedicated teachers, small class sizes and enhanced curriculum empower learners with 21st-century skills. We also offer school transport, and specialised subjects such as Robotics. Click on the image below to take a virtual tour of our school:


Waterstone College location


Places nearby

Our school is situated in Kibler Park, Johannesburg and is easily accessible from Main Road off the R82. Our school is conveniently located on the bank of the Klip River and is near Riverside Community Church, Kibler Park Spar, and the bus stop on Gordon Road. We also offer transport services for learners travelling to our school.