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The King’s School Linbro Park in Sandton is a leading independent school with a high school that provides 21st-century skills to learners from Grade 8 to Grade 12. As a Curro Select school, our competitive school fees, dedicated teachers, and enhanced curriculum prepare learners for the IEB examinations at the end of Grade 12.


Senior phase: Grade 8 and Grade 9

Our Grade 8 and Grade 9 learners are guided to adjust to a greater workload of higher intensity. Our teaching is aimed at developing innovative and critical thinking, while a problem-solving approach is taken to subjects such as Mathematics. Thereby, learners develop the skill to analyse situations and approach problems from various angles to find creative solutions.

Our approach places a great emphasis on language development and Mathematics, and learners gain 21st-century skills in subjects such as Economic and Management Sciences. Furthermore, learners use tablets in class as part of our enhanced curriculum and our approach to education is based on Christian values (ethics and morals).


FET phase: Grade 10 to Grade 12

As a Curro Select school, the FET phase prepares learners for the IEB examinations written at the end of Grade 12. However, as part of our enhanced curriculum based on Christian values (ethics and morals), emphasis is placed on a greater world-readiness rather than a purely examination-driven approach. Our learners are taught to think innovatively, express their ideas, balance their responsibilities and take charge of their own lives. Some of our specialised subjects providing learners with 21st-century skills include Visual Arts and Drama. Furthermore, our learners may use tablets in class and have Afrikaans and isiZulu as additional language options.


We use tablets in class

As a Curro Select school, learners use e-books on tablets in class rather than physical textbooks. Through an enhanced curriculum, as well as innovative technology and teaching methods, our teachers are able to provide learners with additional explanatory material and other creative, helpful resources in our modern classrooms.


A wider subject choice

High school learners can now extend their subject choices beyond what is offered at our school. Learners can choose from a wide range of subjects, and classes will take place during the school day in the form of live lessons with teachers. These subjects can be seen as an extension of our enhanced curriculum from which our learners already benefit. Find out which subjects are available, and gain more information about this personalised learning experience.


We provide pastoral care

Our devotional beliefs are based on Christian values (ethics and morals). Therefore, we have a team of teachers who provide pastoral care to learners. These grade-specific coordinators provide spiritual and emotional guidance to learners, and help them balance their interests in academics and additional activities.


The King’s School Linbro Park scholarships

Our approach to education ensures that learners are developed as well-rounded individuals. Therefore, we offer a limited number of academic, leadership and cultural high school scholarships to prospective learners. Scholarships are awarded to selected learners who have shown exceptional academic and leadership ability, or those who have achieved significant recognition in cultural activities. These scholarships are awarded at the school’s discretion and do not form part of any contractual obligations or annual programmes.

For more information on our scholarships, please contact us.


The King’s School Linbro Park history

The King’s School Linbro Park was founded in 1986 by Love Reaching Communities Church (then known as Waverley New Covenant). The church’s vision was to provide an opportunity for children to receive an education in a Christian-centred environment.

The school started as a nursery school of 12 learners and quickly grew to the flourishing school it is today. In January 2020, we joined the Curro group as a Curro Select school and have continued our growth since.


Sports activities

We believe that sport plays an important role in promoting friendship, team-awareness and self-confidence in addition to physical well-being. While healthy competition is encouraged, the enjoyment of the game is not compromised. These activities are generally included in the school fees, unless otherwise stated. As part of our values to support learners’ individual interests outside academics, our sports teams are affiliated with various sports associations, such as the Independent Soccer Schools League (ISSL), and the South African Christian School’s Sports Association (SACSSA).


Cultural activities

Culture is one of the foundational pillars of developing a well-balanced learner and plays a great role in building community. Our learners have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of cultural activities, regardless of their interests and abilities in sport or academics.

Activities such as debating and music provide learners with self-confidence and the ability to express themselves in front of a crowd.


Curro Create

We offer Curro Create programmes aimed at helping learners develop their creative talents to their full potential. Curro Arts Superhero (CAS) is an internal creative mentorship platform with a grading element, where learners are encouraged to discover, develop and display their inherent creative talents. Learners have the opportunity to participate in the annual Curro Create National Youth Theatre Festival, wherein schools enter a one-act play in any genre and official language. The winning plays are chosen through a series of adjudications by world-class theatre-makers, who closely mentor learners throughout the process.


Alumni programme

Curro Alumni aims to reconnect former matriculants with each other and keep them updated on developments within the Curro family. By treasuring our past, we can build our future together. We hope to build a meaningful and personal connection with our members by sharing their success stories and staying updated on their lives through social media. Alumni members enjoy several benefits, including exclusive offers for their children at selected schools.

View Curro Alumni’s website for more information.

Alternatively, you can follow our school’s alumni activities on Facebook and Instagram.

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8 to 12 

Matric exam


Class size

max 35 

Monthly fees

R4 235 – R4 500


07:45 – 14:00