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Teachers have assistants 

Our small class sizes are divided by age group and each teacher has one or more assistants, depending on the group. More assistants may be provided for the younger groups to ensure that the children are given the necessary love and attention for optimal early childhood development



As part of our school fees, we accommodate working parents by keeping children safe and entertained at our nursery school until 16:00 (Monday to Thursday). 


Registered nurse on-site

As a Curro Select school, we have a registered nurse on-site during the school day to ensure the safety of our children.



At Grantleigh nursery school, we have a digital library where parents and learners can access hundreds of books to read on digital platforms.

E-library access is included in our school fees and can be accessed from Downloads. 


Indoor and outdoor play areas

Children learn by interacting with the world around them. Therefore, our nursery-school classrooms themselves are considered to be inanimate teachers of sorts. Our indoor play areas offer multiple opportunities to explore, investigate, imagine and create. Our fantasy room provides a themed play area where children learn to navigate real-life situations – such as going to a restaurant or going camping – thereby encouraging the early childhood development of language and social skills.

Our outdoor play areas include jungle gyms, swings, a garden, shaded areas for creative and sensory play, and more. 


Cognitive room and creative-play area

Our cognitive room poses challenges through puzzles and construction-based toys, with the goal of letting children figure things out on their own. By resolving challenges themselves, children learn basic problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. Our creative-play area and small class sizes allow children to work freely with paint, playdough and other drawing mediums. Recyclable materials are often used in creative art projects, which take place in the classroom as well as outdoors.


Grantleigh history 

After recognising the need for good education in their area, Fred and Renette Grant founded Grantleigh on their Mposa farm in 1996. Their goal was to provide a well-rounded and balanced education based on Christian values (ethics and morals). Our school opened its doors in 1997 with 16 nursery-school learners and 5 junior preparatory phase learners dressed in civvies, and teaching took place on the founders’ veranda and in their TV room. Swimming lessons were offered in the family pool and cricket lessons started on their tennis court.

As interest in the school grew rapidly and construction soon began on school buildings and sports fields. By 1998, 123 learners started the school year in newly built classrooms. We also started a transport service and requests from parents soon sparked talks to include a high school at the start of the following year. Our school kept expanding to higher grades, more transport services and a wider variety of offerings in academics, sport and culture. Our first headmaster, Peter Terry-Lloyd, brought great expertise to our school and, by 2003 – only seven years after opening – our classes spanned from Grade R to Grade 12 for the first time. During that year, we also inducted our first head boy and head girl, as well as our first parent advisory committee.

By 2014, we had joined the Curro group as a Curro Select school and have continued to provide excellent education at affordable school fees to learners in the wider Richards Bay area. We are continuously improving our offering and expanding our school to accommodate more learners with a wider range of interests.


Grantleigh virtual tour 

Grantleigh Nursery School is an independent Curro Select nursery school situated just north of Richards Bay, KwaZulu-Natal, which provides high-quality early childhood development for children from 3 years to 5 years. With dedicated teachers, small class sizes and an internally developed play-based curriculum, we aim to build strong, caring relationships with each child. Click on the image below to take a virtual tour of our school:


Grantleigh location 



Places nearby 

Our nursery school is on a farm just north of Richards Bay on the KwaZulu-Natal north coast.