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Curro Rosen Castle


Curro Rosen Castle is an independent preschool in Tyger Valley, Cape Town, that accommodates children from 3 months to Grade R, with an optional assisted learning class in Grade R. As the first of its kind in the Curro group, we are at the forefront of early childhood development and offer a unique combination of play-based programmes. Children are divided into small class sizes based on age, and we aim to provide the best possible learning environment supported by competitive school fees.


What do we offer?

At Curro Rosen Castle, we provide a safe, nurturing environment where children are nurtured and engaged in play-based developmental activities. Through competitive school fees, our classrooms are designed to encourage educational curiosity and independent problem-solving, while our playgrounds are equipped with play structures that inspire physical development through movement and play. Our small class sizes are divided by age group, which allows our teachers to spend quality time with each child.


How do we support your child’s development?

As part of Curro, we know that the development of curiosity and imagination in preschool is vitally important to the development of problem-solving skills and critical thinking later on. Therefore, we encourage playing with loose-parts and multi-purpose playthings, rather than single-purpose toys that don’t involve much imagination. Through loose-parts play, children use their natural curiosity to explore previously undiscovered fascinations such as stacking, rolling, sliding, fitting, colours and more.

We also incorporate several approaches to learning, including Montessori principles, the Reggio Emilia approach, and the internationally acclaimed Curiosity Approach.


What is the Curiosity Approach?

This approach emphasises the importance of uninterrupted play as a method of learning, by letting a child’s natural curiosity and interests guide the learning experience. The approach to learning involves a reconceptualised and sensory-rich indoor and outdoor environment, natural elements rather than plastic or bright colours, loose-parts play areas, a sensory playground and real-life objects that inspire play and imagination.


How does the Curiosity Approach work?

Removing most tables and chairs from our preschool classrooms creates space for themed pockets of learning and furniture made from natural materials. When entering the classroom, children are drawn to various play stations designed by teachers to arouse their curiosity. Children in our small class sizes are allowed to explore as they wish, with teachers guiding them to ensure that they still gain exposure to a multitude of skills and learning facets. Another great part of this approach, is uninterrupted play above keeping to a strict timetable. This lets the child’s discovery process last as long as they are interested, and strengthens their understanding of the world around them.


Our Grade R learners benefit from assisted learning

At our Curro campus, the Grade R class follows the regular CAPS curriculum, and also has an assisted learning stream option. This stream provides educational assistance to learners who need smaller classes where they can get the immediate needed support to achieve expected competencies. Our dedicated teachers, in cooperation with a team of on-site therapists, build a close relationship with each learner, so that their unique educational needs can be accommodated and often even anticipated.

Read more about how assisted learning works.

See what we offer on our fact sheet (see Downloads) or contact us for more information.


Our activities

Our approach is packed with a variety of physical and cognitive activities where children play while they learn. Our school fees include a few specialised activities offered by private coaches, to further enrich our children’s lives. Additional extramural activities are offered as additional opportunities to strengthen focused areas or hone certain skills. These activities are offered by external tutors or coaches at an additional cost and take place on campus.

Quick Facts


English and Afrikaans 


3 months to Grade R 

Class size


Monthly fees

R3 690 – R5 890

Full day

08:00 – 17:30 

Early drop-off time


Assisted learning stream

Grade R                      (includes on-site

Curiosity Approach 

Teachers' assistants 

Registered nurse 

Meals included 

In-house kitchen 

Swimming pool