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Curro Rivonia is a Curro School in Rivonia, Sandton, that provides high-quality education for learners from Grade 8 to Grade 12. Our dedicated teachers and well-rounded approach prepare learners for either the IEB examinations at the end of Grade 12, or the National Certificate: Vocational (NCV) Level 2 to Level 4 examinations. With small class sizes, dedicated teachers, and an enhanced curriculum, we empower learners skills and knowledge to grow into high-performing, self-confident individuals who are ready to become the leaders of the future.


Senior phase: Grade 8 and Grade 9

Our learners are guided to adjust to a greater workload of higher intensity. Our teaching is aimed at developing innovative and critical thinking, while a problem-solving approach is taken to subjects such as Mathematics and Technology. Our affordable, enhanced curriculum places great emphasis on problem-solving and individual thinking, and learners gain 21st-century skills in subjects such as Visual Arts, Technology and Robotics.

As a Curro School, our learners receive professional guidance from our on-site educational psychologist when choosing their elective subjects at the end of Grade 9 and may choose between NCV and NSC (as offered in the FET phase).

View this infographic to understand the difference – and how your child can get an excellent education through both of these approaches.


FET phase: Grade 10 to Grade 12

Through application-based teaching, the FET phase prepares learners for the IEB examinations (Independent Examinations Board) written at the end of Grade 12. However, our enhanced curriculum emphasises a greater world-readiness rather than a purely examination-driven approach. Our learners are taught to think innovatively, express their ideas and take charge of their own lives – all highly-valued 21st-century skills. Furthermore, as a Curro School, we also provide them with an inherent dedication to hard work and achievement. Some of our specialised subjects include Music, Drama, Information Technology and Engineering Graphics and Design (EGD), while learners are introduced to 3D printing, laser cutting, drone programming, and more 21st-century learning tools.


A wider subject choice

High-school learners can now extend their subject choices beyond what is offered at our school. Learners can choose from a wide range of subjects, and classes will take place during the school day in the form of live lessons with teachers. These subjects can be seen as an extension of our enhanced curriculum from which our learners already benefit. Find out which subjects are available, and gain more information about this personalised learning experience.


A new approach to education

The face of education has changed radically over the past few years, and Curro Rivonia is changing our approach to match. From different school times per phase to fewer standardised assessments, our new approach will be tailored to learners’ age, academic needs, and interests. While this approach – colloquially called CurroX – is not yet fully implemented, several elements are already in place or being phased in.

We have researched and consulted with experts on academic needs and trends for each phase in our school. Therefore, school times for foundation phase learners may be different from that of high school learners, as young learners’ minds are primed for learning at a later time in the morning. Similarly, the level of homework and number of informal assessments for learners in Grades 8 and 9 may be more than other phases, as additional exercises cementing their understanding are more valuable than in other phases.

Other changes include continuous professional and personal development of our teachers, a less rigid school structure, a Think Lab for high-energy brainstorming and trials of innovative ideas, as well as subjects that encourage innovative thinking and expansion of our learners’ minds. Activities hosted in the Think Lab provide learners with valuable 21st-century skills that stretches beyond the classroom. Although this approach changes much of what traditional schooling looks like, our small class sizes, quality of education, and specialised teaching tools such as Microsoft Schools Suite.


NCV (National Certificate: Vocational) phase

Learners with a Grade 9 pass may choose to follow Level 2 to Level 4 NCV programmes (administered by the DHET), rather than continue with Grade 10 to Grade 12 (administered by IEB). This approach is meant for learners who already have clear career goals and want to get a head start in life. These career-focused matric qualifications allow learners in our small class sizes to choose from a variety of programmes, thereby specialising in their field of interest from a young age. Upon completion of each level, learners receive a certificate. Thereby, they have an accredited qualification as well as workplace-ready skills after each year.


At Curro Rivonia, we currently offer two programmes:

Read more on how NCV works or contact us with any questions you may have.

Quick Facts



NSC grades

8 to 12

NCV levels

L2 to L4

Matric exam

IEB or NCV Level 2 to 4

Class size

Max 25

Monthly fees

R7 160 – R7 170


07:15 – 15:30 (varies)