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Our aftercare service is available for primary-school learners at an additional cost, as stipulated on our school fees letter. Learners are accommodated in safe classrooms and playgrounds, and the fees include a freshly prepared meal for lunch as well as limited homework support.


Modern classrooms

As a Curro School, we created a safe, modern environment where children can grow accustomed to learning and working with modern equipment and facilities. Therefore, classrooms and laboratories for specialised subjects are equipped with the latest technology and tools that provide them with 21st-century skills. Classrooms for enhanced curriculum subjects such as Robotics and Information Technology are equipped with state-of-the-art tools that allow learners to interact with the learned material through experiments or projects.


Excellent activity facilities

Our wide variety of sports and cultural activities are hosted on state-of-the-art courts and fields, as well as carefully designed studios tailored to the activities’ requirements – all part of our commitment to providing learners with 21st-century skills. Our activity facilities include a tennis/netball courts, soccer/rugby fields, cricket nets and fields, and a swimming pool.


What is meant by an enhanced curriculum?

As a Curro School, we are committed to providing learners with an excellent education through competitive school fees. Therefore, our approach to teaching the national CAPS curriculum is based on project-based learning and self-discovery. This enhanced curriculum approach allows learners to interact with the learned material or discover the core concepts themselves. Regular assessments and tests still take place, but we focus on ensuring that learners can use their intellectual abilities to discover the material and make it real to them in some way. This further provides them with 21st-century skills such as problem-solving, research, and self-initiated proactive action. Due to our small class sizes, learners each have access to our state-of-the-art equipment and tools in subjects such as Robotics and Natural Sciences.


Curro Midrand Sagewood virtual tour

Curro Midrand Sagewood is an independent school in Midrand, Johannesburg, that provides high-quality education for learners from Grade R to Grade 7. With competitive school fees, dedicated teachers, small class sizes and an enhanced curriculum we aim to provide quality education for future leaders. Click on the image below to take a virtual tour of our school:


Curro Midrand Sagewood location


Places nearby

Our school is on the edge of the Noordwyk neighbourhood, easily accessible off Liebenberg Road. Our school is near residence such as the Crescent Wood Country Estate, Savannah Hills Estate, and Northview Estate, convenient for parents to drop their children off at school on their way to work. Our school is also near Building Blocks, a Curro Select nursery school in Midrand.