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Curro Jewel City Primary School


At Curro Jewel City, our primary school learners can now enjoy uninterrupted online learning within our school’s fully-equipped learning space, where learners are supervised by our tech-savvy learning coaches. Our primary school follows an online learning model as set by Curro Online, where learners have live lessons with teachers and all learning material is accessed online. Learners will follow the timetable set by Curro Online within our school environment, which means they benefit from our facilities, equipment, activities and learning coaches. 

All equipment required will be provided as part of our affordable school fees, although learners need to provide their own headsets for hygiene purposes. Furthermore, all lessons are recorded and learners can access these lessons online for revision purposes later on. 


Our primary school learners enjoy online learning 

Learners enjoy live lessons with teachers, as scheduled according to a timetable set by Curro Online. This timetable includes time for self-directed learning and all lessons are recorded. This means that learners can access digital learning material and recorded lessons online at any time of day – all included in our affordable school fees (see Downloads). These live lessons with teachers take place in small groups, and teachers track learners’ progress on a daily basis. 

Our teachers even present physical education lessons online to ensure that learners develop positive exercise habits, even though they learn online. 

See which subjects we offer on our fact sheet (see Downloads). 


Curro Jewel City activities 

We believe that sport plays an important role in promoting friendship, team-awareness and self-confidence in addition to physical well-being. Our sports activities take place on a modern, multi-purpose court on top of our school building and are generally included in our affordable school feesWhile healthy competition is encouraged, the enjoyment of the game is not compromised. 

Quick Facts




4 to 7

Class capacity

Max 25

Monthly fees

R2 345


07:30 – 14:30 


14:45 – 17:00 (optional and supervised)

Drop off/Pick up

06:30, 18:00 

Online learning 

On-site learning coaches