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Curro Holdings Ltd: Private College – Rivonia offers several National Certificate: Vocational (NCV) programmes. These career-focused matric programmes are offered in a safe school environment, thereby providing learners with the support of dedicated teachers in small classes. 


What is the NCV? 

The National Certificate: Vocational (NCV) is a high-standard, skills-focused qualification that runs parallel with the National Senior Certificate (NSC). Instead of Grades 10, 11 and 12, learners complete NCV Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4. 

This career-focused matric qualification allows learners with a Grade 9 pass to choose from different programmes, thereby specialising from a young age in their field of interest and gaining knowledge and skills that make them highly employable should they choose to not pursue tertiary studies. Upon completion of each level, learners receive a certificate.


Why would you choose the NCV? 

The NCV allows learners who already know which career they want to pursue, to specialise from a young age. The qualification provides learners with academic and practical knowledge in their area of specialisation, as well as valuable skills and workplace experience. Furthermore, good academic performance allows learners to further their studies at a tertiary education institution, or to enter the job market with workplace experience. 


Who can enrol for NCV programmes? 

Learners who have passed Grade 9 can enrol for the programmes offered, although some programmes might require at least 50% for Mathematics. Maximum age restrictions apply per year. 


Does NCV allow learners to go to university? 

Learners who complete NCV Level 4 could gain access to tertiary education at colleges, universities and universities of technology, as long as they meet the minimum entry requirements (as with NSC). These minimum requirements are set by government and published in the Government Gazette. In addition, universities may still set their own further (more stringent) minimum entry requirements. 

Learners who gain access to tertiary education with an NCV qualification will only be able to study qualifications relevant to the area in which they specialised during their NCV. 


Is NCV meant for non-academic learners? 

Non-academic learners will find the practical and skills-focused approach followed in NCV more favourable, but the NCV is also suitable for more academically inclined learners wanting to specialise. 


Do learners have to complete all levels (up to Level 4)? 

We strongly suggest that learners complete up to Level 4, as it could allow them access to tertiary studies and is on the same NQF level as Grade 12. However, upon completion of any level, learners may choose not to continue and to rather study elsewhere, seek employment, or pursue other avenues. 

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