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At our private college campus, based on the same school grounds as Curro Heuwelkruin, we offer two NCV programmes from Level 2 to Level 4. Learners complete one level each year, and Level 4 is on the same NQF level as Grade 12. These career-focused matric programmes allow learners with clear career goals to specialise from a young age and provides them workplace-ready experience. Although we are a private college campus, we accommodate learners in this programme in our high school so that they can remain in a school environment with small class sizes.



This programme is meant for learners who are interested in in the tourism and events industries, and considering careers such as game ranger, tour guide, events planner, hotel or lodge manager, holiday sales representative, etc. With subjects such as Client Services and Human Relations, Science of Tourism, Tourism Operations and Sustainable Tourism in South Africa, this programme provides learners with essential industry-related 21st-century skills, simulated practical and work experience and improve their employability post qualification.

In this programme, learners will discover the local travel and events industry, how to work as a tour guide, conference- and events planning, and more!

A career choice in tourism is highly challenging and demanding, and involves long working hours over weekends and holidays. Regardless of the sub-sector of tourism learners choose, the career path may take up a lot of time and short-notice working hours. Tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors in the South African economy. The industry is a service industry and therefore professional presentation of yourself and your product is of the utmost importance.

View the course fact sheet here.


Information Technology and Computer Sciences 

This programme is ideal for learners who are interested in the information technology industry and considering careers such as network technician, software developer, database administrator, graphic designer, etc. With subjects such as Multimedia Basics, Principles of Computer Programming and Data Communication and Networking, this programme provides learners with a high quality education as well as essential industry-related 21st-century skills. Learners also benefit from simulated practical and work experience, which improves their employability upon completion of the qualification.

In this programme, learners will discover web design, database development (SQL), program design, report, user-interface design, and more! The full programme (up to Level 4) is a three-year, full-time qualification, with each level taking one year to complete.

View the course fact sheet here.


Who can enrol for this NCV programme?

Learners who have passed Grade 9 can enrol for this NCV programme at our private college campus. In addition, maximum age restrictions apply per year. Learners will attend class on the same school grounds of Curro Heuwelkruin. This allows learners to remain within a safe school environment that keeps them between learners of their age.


Do learners have to complete all levels (up to Level 4)?

Upon completion of any level, learners may choose not to continue and to rather study elsewhere, seek employment, or pursue other avenues. However, at our private college campus we strongly suggest that learners complete up to NCV Level 4, as this could allow them access to tertiary studies. Level 4 is also on the same NQF level as Grade 12. In addition, each level provides learners with high quality education, additional 21st-century skills and workplace-ready experience which could benefit learners in a great manner.


What are the pass requirements?

Assessments are conducted via assignments, tasks, tests, and examinations. Some assignments and tests are set by our Curro Heuwelkruin CHPC campus, while the external examinations are set by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET).

To pass each level, learners need to achieve the minimum percentage for each subject:

  • English First Additional Language: 40%
  • Life Orientation: 40%
  • Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy: 30%
  • Four programme-specific subjects: 50%

Once all levels of this high quality education programme have been completed, learners can apply to university or other tertiary education institutions. They can also start working directly after completion of Level 4, or start their own business venture as they will be fully equipped with 21st-century skills.