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Curro Fourways is an independent Curro school in Fourways Johannesburg offering high-quality early childhood development for children from 12 months to 5 years. Our small class sizes allow our dedicated teachers to engage each child in our internally developed play-based curriculum and we have a fully equipped therapy centre as part of our affordable school fees.


What do we offer?

At our school, we lay the foundation for your child’s future social and academic life by incorporating play in stimulating, early childhood developmental activities such as creative movement and artistic expression, combined with strong Biblical principles. By involving you as parents in your child’s learning experience, we provide a holistic development programme at affordable school fees that stretches beyond the classroom. Our devotional beliefs based on Christian values (ethics and morals) form part of how we approach interaction and care as a Curro school. Our small class sizes are divided by age group, which allows our teachers to spend quality time with each child.


How does Curro Fourways support my child’s development?

As a Curro school, our internally developed programme is designed with the Early Learning and Development Areas (ELDAs) in mind and aims to stimulate physical, social, emotional and cognitive well-being through early childhood developmental activities, small class sizes and engaging play areas. ELDAs focus on aspects such as gross motor development, fine-motor development, social awareness, communication, spatial awareness and arts.

As children learn by interacting with the world around them, all activities and engagements during the day are carefully planned to ensure maximum development. We incorporate a constant routine, self-guided activities initiated by the child, and structured, guided activities planned and directed by the teacher as part of the school fees.

Our children learn throughout the day – from participating in an art activity, finding a worm in the garden, conversing with their teacher and peers, to packing away. In addition, our learners benefit from music lessons hosted by an on-site music specialist in the mornings as part of our affordable school fees.


We encourage loose-parts play

The development of curiosity and imagination in early childhood is vitally important to the development of problem-solving skills and critical thinking later on. Therefore, at our preschool, we encourage playing with loose-parts and multi-purpose playthings, rather than single-purpose toys that don’t involve much imagination. Through loose-parts play, children in our small class sizes use their natural curiosity to explore previously undiscovered fascinations such as stacking, rolling, sliding, fitting, colours, and more – which are crucial to early childhood development

See what we offer on our fact sheet (by downloads).


Curro Fourways activities

As a Curro school, we believe that participation in extramural activities plays an important role in promoting social skills, self-confidence, and physical well-being. These activities are offered by external tutors or coaches to Groups 4 and 5 children, at an additional cost to our affordable school fees, and generally take place on the preschool premises. Some extramural activities are aimed at improving or supporting academic learning or mental and physical development, while others are purely recreational.

See which activities we offer on our fact sheet (by downloads).


Curro Fourways community outreach

We express our devotional beliefs by serving our community. We have been continually involved in preschool and day-care centres in Diepsloot and our own initiatives include building a school (Alpha Day Care Centre), packing over 150 000 meals for distribution, delivering hundreds of jerseys each year just before the winter season and providing Christmas presents to hundreds of local children each year.

We support the Diepsloot community

We have also strengthened our partnerships with the Training & Resource Centre (TRC) at HeronBridge College who work directly in communities such as Diepsloot. Through this relationship, the schools are carefully selected with long-term sustainability and viability in mind. In addition, strengthened partnerships with Rise Against Hunger and other corporate donors have enabled us to ensure our funds are used in the most effective manner.

Quick Facts




From 12 months to 5 years

Class size

10 to 25 children (varies)

Monthly fees

R4 660 – R5 500

School times

08:00 – 13:00 (varies)

Early drop-off time


Waiting class

Until 13:30


Until 17:00 (additional cost)

On-site kitchen 


Holiday programme