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Modern classrooms and facilities 

Our school is fitted with state-of-the-art facilities that support our innovative approach to e-learning in class. Through careful design and planning, our facilities are of high quality and support our technologically-advanced subjects such as Robotics. Through our Curro DigiEd approach, our innovative classrooms promote self-directed learning where learners take responsibility for their own work, which helps to provide them 21st-century skills.


Longer school hours and no homework

As a Curro DigiEd school, our longer school hours and no-homework policy accommodate the schedules of working parents by removing the pressure of managing heavy loads of homework in the afternoons and evenings. Furthermore, learners get personal attention from teachers when they need assistance with exercises. As part of our affordable school fees, learners can be dropped off early in the morning when parents are on their way to work.


Saturday programmes

Our Saturday programmes provide learners with extra classes for subjects with which they struggle. Learners may also use this time to work on their projects or study in groups, further developing 21st-century skills such as communication, collaboration and self-discipline. These programmes are not compulsory and are included in our affordable school fees. On these days, learners would still have access resources required for e-learning in class.


Curro Delft virtual tour 

Curro Delft is an independent Curro DigiEd school in Delft, Cape Town, that provides technologically-advanced education for learners from Grade 8 to Grade 10, with higher grades phasing in annually. With specialised subjects such as Robotics, no homework, and a unique approach that incorporates videos, and guided e-learning in class, we remain committed to maintaining affordable school fees. We provide learners with 21st-century skills so that they can succeed in the fourth industrial revolution. Click on the image below to take a virtual tour of our school:


Curro Delft location 


Places nearby 

Located near Delft Public Library and Civic Centre, Delft Mall and many well-established businesses, our school is conveniently located next to Delft’s business hub. The school is also easily accessible from Delft Main Road, just off Hindle Road.