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Curro Academy The Blyde Primary School


Curro Academy The Blyde is an independent school next to The Blyde Lifestyle Estate, Pretoria East, that provides high-quality education for learners from Grade R to Grade 4, with higher grades phasing in annually. Our dedicated teachers, well-rounded approach, small class sizes and enhanced curriculum empower learners with skills and knowledge to grow into self-confident individuals and to reach their personal, educational and eventual-workplace goals. As a Curro Academy school, we aim to develop 21st-century skills at the most affordable school fees possible.  


Foundation phase: Grade R to Grade 3 (higher Grades phasing in annually)

Curro Academy The Blyde’s foundation phase starts by providing the emotional and intellectual foundation required to handle the formal learning that starts in Grade 1. Within small class sizes, our dedicated teachers gradually develop learners’ skills and knowledge in basic areas such as language (comprehension, speaking, and listening), mathematics (counting and understanding numbers), and creative problem-solving in an environment where they enjoy coming to school. As part of our affordable school fees, learners at our Curro Academy school even benefit from specialised programmes that provide learners with the best possible foundation for learning. 


Intermediate phase: Grade 4 to Grade 7 

Once phased in, learners at Curro Academy The Blyde are taught to work with the learned material in an abstract manner. The nature of the content gradually builds from being tangible and real, to more intellectual and abstract. Our dedicated teachers, small class sizes and enhanced curriculum provide learners with an inherent dedication to hard work and excellence as well as 21st-century skills to prepare them for the workplace of the future. 

See which subjects we offer on our fact sheet (see Downloads). 


Curro Academy The Blyde activities 

In addition to our enhanced curriculum, we believe that participation in activities plays an important role in promoting health, discipline, self-confidence and community. Therefore, as a Curro Academy school our sports and cultural activities are designed to help learners discover their inherent talents, or to broaden their exposure beyond their current reference framework, which is important for the development of 21st-century skills. Some of our activities are aimed at boosting learners’ cognitive abilities, while others provide pure enjoyment, all while maintaining affordable school fees.  

See which activities we offer on our fact sheet (see Downloads). 

Quick Facts




R to 4 (higher Grades phasing in annually)

Class size


Monthly fees

R3 570


07:30 – 14:00


Until 17:00