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At Cooper College, a Curro Select school, learners have a wide variety of activities from which to choose. From school sports and Curro Create programmes, to community outreach projects and leadership programmes, our learners can gain 21st-century skills in nearly any field they choose.


School sports and cultural activities

As a Curro Select school, we believe that participation in school sports and cultural activities plays an important role in promoting health, team-awareness, discipline and self-confidence in addition to physical and social well-being. As we have a strong school sports performance record, we offer a wide variety of activities, including Curro Create and specialised activities such as e-gaming.


We have different clubs and societies

Cooper College also has several clubs and societies that allow learners with similar interests to build relationships, develop 21st-century skills and collaborate in various projects. These include books and board games club as well as anti-bullying club.

See which activities we offer on our fact sheet (by downloads).


Curro Create

As a Curro Select school, we offer two Curro Create programmes aimed at helping learners develop their creative talents to their full potential. Curro Arts Superhero (CAS) is an internal creative mentorship platform with a grading element, where learners are encouraged to discover, develop and display their inherent 21st-century skills and creative talents. Learners can also participate in the annual Curro Create National Youth Theatre Festival, wherein schools enter a one-act play in any genre and official language. The winning plays are chosen through a series of adjudications by world-class theatre-makers, who closely mentor learners throughout the process.


Community outreach

At Cooper College believe that community outreach programmes are important not only to benefit the community, but also to develop appreciation and empathy in our learners. Therefore, our school’s outreach committees host various ad hoc outreach programmes during the year and learners are actively involved in all areas of the project.