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Curro Private College

At Curro, our private college campuses offer different types of nationally accredited qualifications to cater for our learners’ individual academic and skills-development needs – including practical experience in the workplace. 


National certificate courses (NCV)

Our career-focused matric programmes allow learners with a Grade 9 pass to specialise in their chosen fields from a young age. Instead of Grades 10, 11 and 12, learners complete NCV Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4, and receive an accredited certificate after completing each level. 


What is the NCV? 

The National Certificate: Vocational (NCV) is a high-standard, skills-focused qualification that runs parallel to the National Senior Certificate (NSC). This career-focused matric qualification allows learners with a clear career vision to specialise in their fields of interest from a young age. Upon completion of each level, learners receive a qualification issued by Umalusi. Furthermore, as part of the programme, learners gain practical experience in a real or simulated workplace, to ensure that they are workplace-ready once they matriculate. 

We currently have three private college campuses offering these programmes:


FET and national certificates 

At Curro, we offer a unique combination of two nationally accredited qualifications that equip post-matric students with specialised skills and formal qualifications (including credits on the NQF), which prepares students for working in the IT-support field. 

We currently have one private college campus offering the unique combination of two nationally accredited qualifications in the IT-support field. Students complete both qualifications at once, while learning from highly specialised lecturers, and complete their prescribed practical experience hours at Curro head office. These qualifications are on NQF Levels 4 and 5, respectively, and grant students access to international, industry-relevant CompTIA exams.


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Quick Facts

NCV Level 2 to Level 4

Career-focused matric

On-site learner support

Specialise from a young age

Daily lunch provided

Awarded a national certificate after each level