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Welcome to our new head of high school at Curro Krugersdorp

The new captain of the Curro High ship

The Krugersdorp community welcomes Curro High School's new principal, Elmar de Klerk, as he takes on the task of bringing normalcy back into learners' lives this year.

Sometimes, when all’s said and done, a long road leads exactly to where you need to be. For the lucky few, the road ahead has always been clear. Elmar de Klerk stepped into adulthood knowing exactly what path he wanted to take.

After completing his four-year education degree in Durban, Elmar had quite the varied career. He was a lieutenant in the South African Infantry Corps for a few of years, after which he taught at various schools. He secured a position at the prestigious Michaelhouse, a private senior boys school in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands where he was the head of the Department for Engineering Graphics and Design for 27 years. He also coached many rugby players who went on to play for the Springboks.

In 2010, Elmar made the move to Curro Nelspruit before applying to the position of Head of Curro Krugersdorp High School.

Whereas 2020 was a year for figuring out what social regulations need to be followed, this year is one for completely acclimating to that new way of life.



Elmar steps in as principal just in time to help the school, its staff and learners fully embrace this novel way of attending school.

This year my big focus will definitely be on academics, to ensure that the learners are on the right road again,” he said.

“Although our preference will always lean toward face to face education, we are 100% prepared and equipped to move over to online classes if necessary.”

He said that one of the biggest challenges of 2021 would be to allow learners a sense of social normalcy.

“I’m excited for 2021,” he said.

"There are going to be many challenges but I’m looking forward to the year. I’m working with very experienced staff members and our focus will be on academics, having happy learners and connecting with the community. I want to meet the community and ensure that they have a safe way to come in and talk. I have an open-door policy, and parents should feel free to call ahead and make an appointment.”