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Excited matric learners from Curro Krugersdorp share their enthusiasm

VIDEO: Curro matrics of 2021 speak

Curro Krugersdorp High School's matric class of 2021 say they are excited to finally be in matric..

Curro Krugersdorp High School’s new 2021 matric group hope that they’ll be the best the school has ever had, building on what the previous groups have brought to the table.

Khaya Blaai, the 2021 head boy looked back on the year that has been.

He said, “Being isolated in our homes afforded us the opportunity to reflect on what it means to be ourselves”.

Aliyah Limbada, the 2021 head girl added, “If I have to be completely honest, 2020 was a really traumatic year! To find any good in what was probably the absolute worst is really difficult. But, to be fair, if we don’t see how 2020 exceedingly tested our resilience, then we truly don’t fully comprehend our strength and potential as people.

Watch the full video here.