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Curro Roodeplaat learners reach out to five local nursery schools

At the end of 2019, the parents of Curro Roodeplaat had an open hand in donating money in order to give back to the community. We were able to buy a total of 37 bicycles and 49 scooters. We were so excited to start handing them out, but then Covid-19 had a different plan for us all. Due to different regulations and restrictions, we were unable to visit preschools during 2020. As soon as the tight restrictions were lifted in 2021, we started arranging our outreach.

We came in contact with two amazing ladies from the NGO (Non-Profit Organization) Kamcare Social and Training Service, Ms van der Walt and Ms Strauss. These ladies do an amazing job in our informal settlements and their drive and passion are very contagious.

On Monday, 3 May 2021, Ms CarmenPienaar  (leader guardian) and our leaders accompanied by Kamcare, reached out to various informal preschools. We paid a visit to: Amanda Day Care and Pre-school, Bokomoso Day Care, Vathu Panda, Cuties Pies and Ebenhaeser. Between these 5 schools, we donated 19 bicycles and 24 motorbikes.

On Thursday, 6 May 2021, Mr Chris Smuts  (leader guardian) and leaders once again accompanied these ladies to three different schools: Kameeldrift Early Learning Centre, Lebone Day and Night and Little Hearts. Between these three schools, 18 bicycles and 25 motorbikes were distributed.

During the course of these two outreaches, it was very clear that our learners saw their lives through new eyes. We were all able to once again be so grateful for what we have and the opportunities we receive every day. The educators working in these informal settlements do so much with so little. Those kids made such an impact on us, it was very hard to fight back the tears.

Thank you so much to everyone who either donated towards this cause or just supported us in any way. Thank you to Kamcare who identified schools in need for this project. A big thank you to Mr Ferdi Niemand,our executive head  and Ms Alta Theunissen  (head of primary school) for allowing us to go on the outreach. It has changed our lives for the better!