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Curro Academy Protea Glen - getting our community connected

Isizwe’s model ensures participation and ownership by local communities and local Wifi entrepreneurs.


Isizwe Wi-Fi in partnership with Curro Academy is in the project of rolling out public 65 Wi-Fi hotspots in the area of Protea, as a way of looking out for young entrepreneurs and scholars.

The project resumed a few weeks ago and is set to be completed at least by end of June. Thus far 10 hotspot areas having been created, with Protea North being one of them. The purpose of the Wi-Fi project is to provide internet connectivity for Curro students to access educational resources and the local community to access the internet at an affordable price.

“We are looking at deploying 65 access points within the area of Protea Glen. The WI-FI zones will be a walking distance to student’s households, enabling them to access it at a cost-effective rate. We welcome community involvement to bring this project to successful completion and for the children of Curro Academy and the larger community of Protea to have affordable WI-FI,” said Kagiso Mwale, Isizwe’s marketing person.

Even though the installation of the Wi-Fi zone is free of charge, the WI-FI can be used by local community members at the following rates:

· R5 for 24-hour uncapped internet access

· R25 for weekly uncapped internet access

· R100 for monthly uncapped internet access


The value of the project: 

The financials of the rollout of WI-FI will be as follows: 

· Capital cost of the project R1.2 million

· Anticipated revenue over three years R3.2 million ex VAT

· Internet costs over 3 years R1.2 million

· Expenses over 3 years R1.6 million

· Anticipated local benefit/ income R1.9 million

· 38% of capital cost and revenue

Councilor George Mahlangu called for a community meeting that was held last Saturday at Protea Glen Library, the meeting was about the Wi-Fi projects. During the community meeting with the presence of Isizwe members, it was made known to the public that the community has been offered an opportunity to actively participate in the implementation of the Wi-Fi, as it is also set to benefit the ward by enabling community members to receive services and access to the WI-FI at an efficient and cost-effective price.