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A new dawn for Curro Sitari

As part of its efforts to integrate further into the local community and offer a quality, affordable education for all learners in the vicinity, Curro Sitari has relaunched its brand and is now known as Curro Somerset West, Sitari Estate."

The name change, which was announced to parents by the independent school's executive head Graeme Waite on Wednesday 13 October, is part of its strategy to become even more entrenched within the community and its surrounds.

With the rebranding and name change, each learner was gifted a badge that they can wear close to their hearts, as displayed by Khanya Nhlapo (left) and Lilitha Nodikana. The badges contain the new Curro Somerset West logo along with the school's core values, which learners are entreated to live by and embody. 


An education stronghold in the community, the school opened its doors in 2017 and has since grown to be an indispensable asset to the Somerset West community. With its approximately 700 learners, the school values the trust parents have placed in it to equip their children with an exceptional educational experience. This trust is echoed by the school's own values - enshrining trust, celebrating difference, kindness and authenticity as its highest qualities, ones that are adopted by its learners. 

These values were workshopped with stakeholders from across the school body, which are reflected in its educational ideals, and which it holds itself and its learners, accountable to. They are the foundations that guide teachers' and learners' behavior and symbolize the essence if what it represents. 

Says Waite: "Creating mutual trust among parents, learners and teachers is critical in ensuring we functino as a harmonious team. Trust is earned and, as a school, we place our learners at the forefront of our actions and build trust by demonstrating that every day."

The new name reflects the symbiotic relationship between school and community, one that is real. 


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