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Little Big Mouth – Curro Aurora’s Brady-Rae Brophy going for the stars

Brady Hofmeyr, a student at Curro Aurora, Randburg, is the child star of the new romantic comedy, Little Big Mouth, on Netflix. Brady acts as the 9 year old Luke, who lives with his single mom and her dad, his oupa, and whose lives pretty much revolve around Luke. That’s until Luke’s mom meets Siya, a rock guitarist who’s been kicked out of his band and flat, and mom invites Siya to stay with them. Luke doesn’t like the intruder in his home and comes up with creative ways to prank Siya and make him feel unwelcome. Little Big Mouth is a feel good film, packed with laughs, good for the whole family to watch. It has a pg 13 rating.

Brady is a natural actor and a delight to watch. It also helps that his dad and grandad both wrote and directed the film, so Little Big Mouth is very much made by family, for families to enjoy. It’s out on Netflix now.


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