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Eisteddfod success for Curro Aurora's Karla Lotz

A Grade 7 learner at Curro Aurora has participated in the Allegretto Eisteddfod first round, and has achieved six A+++ certificates for her songs entered.

Karla Lotz has been congratulated by her school for her outstanding achievements.

Karla Lotz has acheived outstanding results at the Allegretto Eisteddfod


Karla achieved fantastic results in the following categories:

  • Popular choice (self-accompanied) – 98.2%
  • Broadway (with backtrack) – 98.7%
  • Golden Oldie (self-accompanied) – 98.9%
  • Ballad (self-accompanied) 99.4%
  • Jazz (with backtrack) – 99.7%
  • Afrikaans (with backtrack) – 99.8%She has been invited to participate in the showcase round with all her songs, and is proudly flying the Curro Aurora flag.

Listen to Karla perform one of her favourite songs on the list:

We are so proud of her and wish her all the best in the next round!