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Waterstone College Celebrates 15 Years

Waterstone College opened its’ doors in 2007 as a small establishment with a little more than 100 learners. Today, Waterstone College, celebrated its’ 15 year anniversary and has evolved and transformed from humble beginnings to this incredible school, a leader in education, a pacesetter in the community and a fortress where young individuals are nurtured and developed ready to make a significant difference in the world.  

The school celebrated this milestone in true Waterstone College fashion where the spirit of the school was tangible and the cheers echoed into the distance. The day was made extra special with the presence of Mr and Mrs Greyling, Mr van der Linde, Mrs Lategan and Mr Edwards form Curro Head Office and a number of parents. As a school we were honoured having them part of the celebrations and it was truly special to see Mr Greyling’s love for children as he joined in the war cries. 

We thank God for blessing our school and for protecting us whilst on this incredible journey. We salute, honour and thank our wonderful staff, parents and learners who are the heartbeat of our school and who fuel the Waterstone FIRE (Faith, Integrity, Respect and Excellence) consistently.