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Curro Heritage House learners shine at Eskom Expo

The Curro Heritage House High School team is proud of its learners Antara Moodley and Nathan Kerdachi, who recently participated in the Eskom Expo 2021.

Grade 9 learner, Antara Moodley bagged a bronze medal in the annual competition, while Grade 8 learner, Nathan Kerdachi received the highly commended award for his project.

Antara said she started looking for a simple idea that would help improve lives. Through her research, she discovered that pedestrian safety is a huge concern in South Africa.

“I designed a solution that will help people to cross roads safely and save many lives in South Africa. Through an investigation, I identified that pedestrians are not pressing the pedestrian button before trying to cross the road. They are therefore crossing when the traffic pedestrian signal is red,which is very dangerous,” she said.

She added that with the current Covid-19 pandemic people are hesitant to press the button when crossing.

“I came up with this idea by walking around my house and noticed that an infrared alarm motion sensor can detect movement within multiple grid zones due to temperature, so why can’t we use that in a traffic signal box to detect the pedestrians within that area. That detection could then be used to change the colour of the traffic light. This invention would also benefit people with disabilities, such as the blind,” said Antara.

Curro Heritage House High School learner, Antara Moodley.


Meanwhile, Kerdachi said his project was based on the question of whether plants could purify the toxic fumes in the air. He observed the changes in a flower’s health while near the exhaust of a car.

“Although unsuccessful, there is still a possibility for it to work, as I only used one type of plant species – the nemesia flower. I would like to thank everyone who helped me with my project, including my parents and teachers. I am grateful for this achievement,” he said.


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