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Curro Aurora team wins first-ever Minecraft league

Microsoft Minecraft’s educational edition has been part of the curriculum at many Curro schools, as it allows for the development of skills such as collaboration, strategic thinking, and decision-making. So, when lockdown struck and Curro Sport announced the world’s first school-level Minecraft e-sport league, the response from learners and teachers was overwhelming. 

Games were scheduled for an hour in the afternoons. Two teams (four learners each) would meet in the Pirate Cove Make and Model arena – a virtual world specifically created in Minecraft to host competitive gameplay. The teams were then tasked to each build a specific object (such as cannons, parrots, pirate ships and treasure chests – in keeping to the pirate theme of the arena) using the 3D building blocks from the Minecraft world. 

The teacher that hosts the game is also the judge, allocating points according to a specific judging rubric. Teams score points for the likeness of their build, the use of colour, effective teamwork, added aesthetics and environment, the use of space through size and scale, and more. 

With more leagues planned in the near future, the winning team of the first-ever league is team B1 EnderKnights from Curro Aurora. In an extra hat-tip, both teams from Curro Aurora made it to the final round! 

Congratulations to the EnderKnights from Curro Aurora Independent School  for winning the first-ever Minecraft Curro Clash! 

Thank you to each and every learner that participated and a very special shout-out to our volunteer teachers that hosted all of the games and shared their own Minecraft knowledge with us!