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Curro not forcing Covid-19 vaccines on pupils

Curro School says it’s not forcing its children to get the Covid-19 vaccine.

While the school has implemented a mandatory vaccine policy for its staff, Curro Corporate Executive Services member Marí Lategan said the decision on whether to jab or not remains firmly in parents’ hands.

The message comes after social media messages were distributed on various platforms about the school’s mandatory vaccine policy for staff and teachers, saying it’s only a matter of time before a mandatory vaccine policy will be implemented on the children.

So far, government has only opened up vaccines to adolescents from age 12, while internationally, children from the age of five have been approved to receive one shot, as they are also carriers of the virus.

In a letter to parents, the top-tier private school “emphatically and unequivocally stated the message on mandatory vaccines is incorrect on all levels and is made without substantiation of any sorts.”

Curro says it signed an agreement with the South African Human Rights Commission (“SAHRC”) that it will not consider any aspect of mandatory vaccination for its pupils.

14-year-old Mia Aitken recieves her Covid jab at the Centurion Virgin Active vaccination site as the Department of Health commences with vaccinations for children between 12 and 17 years old, 20 October 2021. 


“It is Curro’s respectful opinion, duly supported by the SAHRC, is that vaccination of children is a matter to be dealt with between parents and children,” said Letegan in the letter.

The school is not taking the spread of misinformation lightly and says it’s prepared to defend its brand on any platform.

“Curro is always open to constructive proposals, inputs and criticism, but will not shy away from rectifying valid shortcomings.

“However, we will not stand being accused of exhibiting unethical business practices and will defend this in any forum required and will not shy away from taking actions against any person who makes such unsupported accusations,” Letegan assured parents.

She also assured parents that the author of the misinformation regarding its mandatory staff vaccine is “vexatious and vindictive and without the correct and proper context.”

Curro‘s mandatory vaccine process for employees is still being rolled out and Letegan says the proper processes are being followed after consultation with the SAHRC.

“The impression created that employees are ill-treated and prejudiced is therefore incorrect on all levels.”


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