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Curro Academy The Blyde learners donate clothes and PPE to children’s home

This year we went for something different.

Learners from Curro Academy The Blyde donated clothes and personal protective equipment (PPE) to a children’s home in Mamelodi recently.

The donations were made to the Umkhumbi Place of Safety & Children’s Home on Monday.

They were part of Curro’s second annual Caring Day event held at the school.

“We celebrated caring day by helping our fellow neighbours who have been hard hit by Covid-19,” said Kgotsafalang Mashilo from Curro Academy the Blyde.

“Last year we shared lunch with our fellow schoolmates, this year we’ve upped the ante by going for something different. So we decided to donate the much-needed PPE to the home.”

Umkhumbi currently shelters 13 learners.

It provides a home to over 50 others who may need a place of refuge following a traumatic event such as physical abuse or ill-treatment.