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Cooper College teachers go beyond the call of duty

This year the COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented disruption to education around the world. During this time our teachers at Cooper College have gone through incredible lengths to help their learners continue to reach their full potential. While we were in national lockdown level 5, our teachers conducted remote learning via Microsoft Teams and used technology to interact and deliver lessons in real time.

For the learners who had limited internet connection at home, we shared all the lessons via a OneDrive link, where they were able to access the work in their own time and submit to the teachers for feedback. This way we ensured that no learner fell behind. When we returned to school, we followed a hybrid teaching methodology. Teachers combined remote teaching with in-class activities.

The method relied a lot on technology to maintain our learner-teacher connections and also further helped learners to develop their 21st-century skills. We have seen a genuine learning community that has evolved as our teachers remained committed to teach their learners, no matter what. Our parents have been exceptional in supporting their child’s learning, as they have collaborated with the teachers and partnered in educating the children. This year was challenging, but our teachers continued to engage our learners in the learning process.

They have been focused on our learners’ academic learning and development, as well as their overall well-being. This was evident through the dedication, passion and devotion that the teachers demonstrated throughout the year. They offered extra lessons, learner support classes and even Saturday school sessions in attempts to keep the learners motivated, involved and on track with the academic outcomes in the respective subjects.

Teachers also worked closely with our prefects, who shared weekly motivational videos to keep our learners inspired. We are extremely grateful to all our dedicated staff members who kept on providing quality education during the COVID pandemic.

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Samy Chulu, Educator, High School French