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The Cambridge Assessment International Education curriculum: An overview


Picture was taken prior to lockdown and the COVID-19 pandemic


The work is presented in such a manner that learners discover the material rather than simply memorising it, thereby developing their thinking skills and encouraging intellectual engagement. In this way learners receive a solid foundation that allows them to progress successfully to the next stage of education.


What is Cambridge Assessment International Education? 

Cambridge Assessment International Education is the world’s largest provider of international education programmes and qualifications, which are recognised by universities and employers around the world. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, the Cambridge Assessment International Education Curriculum helps learners discover their individual abilities and gives them the skills they need to excel at school, university and work.

Is it the same as matric?

 Although learners still progress through grades each year with compulsory, as well as elective subjects, they follow the internationally accepted Cambridge Assessment International Education curriculum rather than South Africa’s CAPS curriculum. At the end of Grade 12, they write the Cambridge Advanced AS or A levels, rather than South Africa’s National Senior Certificate (NSC) exam. However, the Cambridge Assessment International Education Curriculum  is recognised internationally and better prepares learners for the demands of universities abroad.


Why would I choose the Cambridge Assessment International Education curriculum at Cooper College?

  • The curriculum better prepares learners for the demands of university studies.
  • The final AS or A level  examination is accepted at universities worldwide.
  • Learners can move between Cambridge recognised schools globally.
  • Learners are prepared to manage 21st-century challenges (e.g. climate change, renewable energy, etc.) through ‘greening’ subjects such as Global Perspectives.

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