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Land of Oz's Chartwell campus introduces Grade R

Land of Oz, a well-known and beloved Nursery School for children aged 12 months to 6 years in northern Johannesburg, will launch a Grade R class at its Chartwell campus in 2022. The school is 34 years old, has campuses in Fourways and in Chartwell, and is owned by Curro Holdings, the JSE-listed independent education provider.

Executive Head, Sharon Konstantinou, joined Land of Oz Nursery School recently, bringing more than 20 years of teaching experience and five years as a nursery school principal to her position.

“Education of young children is my life’s work and I believe passionately that these years cannot be overemphasised as the foundation of a strong character, the building of a positive attitude to learning and the development of a kind and loving soul. I’m committed to journeying with staff and parents to ensure that Land of Oz remains true to its long history of established traditions and Christian values,” she says.

“We’re thrilled to be expanding our Chartwell campus to include Grade R. There is a desperate need for more Grade R offerings in this area of Johannesburg as it is now a compulsory phase for education in 2022 and we will be offering small classes to ensure we are able to nurture children individually across all areas of their development.”

Konstantinou believes that Grade R is a critical year in a child’s education, bridging pre-school and formal schooling. During Grade R, children begin to learn to take responsibility for their choices and to act independently. “Our Grade R offering will include an integrated literacy programme, phonological awareness, science, robotics, numeracy and perceptual programmes,” she says. “Of course, we also focus specifically on the emotional and social skills that are so critical at this stage. Our fees for Grade R are very competitive and there are no hidden extras. Plus, it opens the doors for children to Curro primary schools across the country.”

Land of Oz has become a pillar of the Fourways and Chartwell communities, with parents who attended the school as young children now choosing to place their own children in the school. Konstantinou believes this is due to their own positive experiences and the fact that the school focuses on critical Early Learning and Development Areas (ELDAs) in its curriculum. These include physical well-being (health and safety, gross motor and fine motor development), identity and belonging (self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and social management), communication (listen and understand, speak and communicate, make meaning and represent), mathematics (quantity and numbers, measurement, patterns, shape and space, data collection, time and ordination), creativity (daily life and play, visual arts, performing arts), and learning about the world (exploration and inquiry, knowledge and understanding, executive function).

Contact Sharon or Michelle on 011 023 5010 to book a tour or for more information.