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Curro Waterfall learners take flight in drone flying competition

Curro Waterfall hosted a drone flying competition to mark the end of the second term on 26 June.

Spokesperson for the school Zeenath Sathiah explained that the drone flying curriculum enables learners to ‘think out of the box and come up with creative ideas through collaboration and teamwork’.

She added that the curriculum learners are taught to be aware of their surrounding, coding, as well as the building and wiring of a drone. “Learners are assessed on their ability to work collaboratively and what their thought process is to solving problems. The drones are provided by the school for use during their lessons and operated using any Wi-Fi enabled device.”

The competition saw Grade 8 and 9 learner showcase their skills. “During the drone flying competition, the learners were able to connect using their own cell phones and therefore maintain social distancing protocols. We are very proud of the winners who were assessed on their ability to maneuver the obstacle course set out for them as well as on speed.”

Deputy head of the high school Camilla Pretorius said, “It was an exciting way to end term two after all the remote learning.”