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Curro Heuwelkruin is introducing NCV for learners in high school

Curro Heuwelkruin’s new NCV gives learners a leapfrog to get to work

Traditionally a learner would first need to finish Grade 12 before undertaking any tertiary education, but with a National Certificate Vocational (NCV), high school learners can leave school and get straight to work armed with the right qualifications for jobs in fields such as Information Technology and Tourism. Given we have such high unemployment among our youth, being able to start work in a particular field upon leaving school gives them a significant advantage.  

Two NCV programmes on offer

This opportunity is currently only offered by Curro schools, with Curro Heuwelkruin being the latest campus to have applied to register to offer NCV. Upon registration, the school will initially offer Tourism and Information Technology and Computer Science.

The high-standard, skills-focused NCV qualification is ideal for learners who already know which industry they would like to work in when they are in Grade 9. They can then make their career subject choices based on these additional learning options. NCV begins in the traditional Grade 10 year and is an alternative qualification to the National Senior Certificate (NSC). NCV is registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) and accredited by the Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education and Training, Umalusi. There are 3 Levels of NCV, which run alongside Grade 10 (Level 2), Grade 11 (Level 3) and Grade 12 (Level 4).

To obtain the qualification, learners must, in addition to their specialist subjects, also pass Mathematics/ Mathematical Literacy, Life Orientation and one official language.

Tertiary education still an option

Learners who complete the NCV Level 4 qualification can gain access to any tertiary education provider to continue studies in their chosen field, providing they meet the minimum entry requirements.

An age restriction applies to ensure that the NCV runs parallel to the NSC and no post-matriculant learners are accommodated.

Learners attend classes, enjoy a structured and supervised school day, and benefit from all the other features of high school.