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Why choose Curro?

At Curro, we believe that every child deserves an excellent education that stretches beyond the classroom and examinations. As a leading independent school provider, our enhanced curriculum empowers learners with 21st-century skills necessary for them to become intellectual and socially responsible adults who can take on the future with confidence. Learners are taught in small class sizes, often use tablets in class and can acquire an academic matric by writing the NSC exams, IEB exams or Cambridge exams (certain Curro Select schools) at the end of Grade 12. As an alternative to an academic matric, Curro offers the National Certificate Vocational after Grade 9. We have an academic pathway for every unique learner. We also aim to provide the most affordable school fees possible without compromising our high academic standards. 


We provide an enhanced curriculum 

Curro schools and several Curro Select schools offer an enhanced CAPS curriculum that prepares learners to write the IEB exams at the end of Grade 12, in accordance with legislation and Umalusi directives. Contrary to general belief, the IEB is not a curriculum, but rather a highly advanced set of examinations that require learners to apply the knowledge they learned in an intense creative and intellectual manner. Our enhanced curriculum, which often includes using tablets in class, provides them with the intellectual skills to succeed at the more challenging questions posed in the IEB examinations 


Our schools have small class sizes 

With independent education comes the expectation of excellent education and personal attention in class. At Curro, our small class sizes, which vary from a maximum of 25 to 35 learners per class (depending on the school model), ensure that learners can receive personal attention from their teachers during lessons. In addition, learners build close relationships with their teachers over the years, which further helps to ensure that they receive assistance in a manner that meets their individual needs.  


We have specialised subjects such as Robotics 

As we are committed to providing an excellent education, many of our schools offer highly specialised subjects such as Engineering Graphics and Design (EGD), Advanced Mathematics, foreign languages such as Portuguese, and Robotics. We have been offering Robotics as a subject for several years, and many of our schools have fully equipped laboratories that help learners to develop 21st-century skills and knowledge such as coding and automation. In addition, while the subject is generally included in our affordable school fees, some schools offer Robotics as a cultural club or extramural activity. At some schools, Technology laboratories are equipped with 3D printers, laser cutters, and other specialised equipment. 


Our schools have excellent facilities 

As a leading independent school group, our schools are fitted with facilities that range from well-maintained sports fields and courts, to highly sophisticated laboratories and aquatic centres. Some of our schools have classrooms equipped with integrated VR (virtual reality) systems, while others use tablets in class. Regardless of whether or not the use of these facilities is fully included in our affordable school fees, our goal with these classrooms and sports facilities is to provide learners with 21st-century skills that can carry them into the constantly changing workplace of the future.