The daily programme

Our daily programme covers: 

  • Bible, morals and manners
  • Hygiene 
  • Perceptual development 
  • Creative activities 
  • Free play 
  • Fine and gross motor activities 
  • Thematic approach 

The emphasis is on learning through play in and out of the classroom as play and fun are key to developing a healthy body and mind. We encourage our parents to come and share their special talents and ideas with us.  

We also offer a wide variety of extra mural activities – for the sporty child we have CrickyCricket, Playball and Rugga Rugby, for the more creative child we have Clayplay and for your musical children we offer Dance Mouse and Music for Little Ones. These are all private and the additional cost is for the parents' account. 

At Meridian Nursery we play, love and learn.