High school culture

Cultural activities offered:

  • Choir
  • Music
  • Art

High school: Grades 8 to 12

Culture is one of the foundational pillars of developing a well-balanced learner. At Meridian Pinehurst, learners are offered the opportunity to participate in a variety of cultural activities.


At Meridian Pinehurst we have two very enthusiastic choirs hard at work in getting ready to perform at allocated events and in the eisteddfod.

The choirs strive to create a dignified image of Meridian Pinehurst and aim towards the highest possible musical standards. We also strive to contribute, through singing, to the cultural development of our community. The choir is instrumental in developing the member’s individual level of musicality and offers an environment where everyone is accepted and certain important skills such as self-discipline, self-confidence, dedication, communication skills, perseverance, loyalty and punctuality are developed.


Music can be defined as an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony and colour.

Across cultures and nations music is an essential part of life and should therefore also be an essential part of education. At Meridian we believe that culture, which includes music, should play the same important role in the development process as academics and sport.

We offer tuition in a variety of instruments and also have two choirs (senior choir for Grades 4 to 8 and junior choir for Grades 1 to 3).


Music tuition in piano, keyboard and recorder is offered at the school. Tuition takes place during school hours, if possible. Learners have a choice of individual tuition (one or two sessions per week) or group classes (one session per week), depending on the instrument (recorder).

Tuition fees

Music fees are calculated per term, with eight lessons per term (one lesson per week) or 16 lessons per term (two lessons per week).

1 x 30 min group class per week

1 x 30 min class per week

2 x 30 min class per week

This is surely only the beginning! We look forward to enlarging the number of instruments offered in the near future and plan great things for music at Meridian.

Music as subject

Music can also be taken as an 8th subject in the FET phase.

This is surely only the beginning! We look forward to enlarging the number of instruments offered in the near future and plan great things for music at Meridian.

Art exhibition

Conversations between the masters and the performers

The global debate around the artistry of the old masters and the modernists, and whether those who paint in a classical way are the only ones worthy of being called artists in the true sense of the word, has been ongoing and hugely controversial.

In Conversations, a mass performance exhibition involving Grade 9, 10 and 11, we merged the different themes of the WCED curriculum to conclude with the juxtaposition of the classical world of portrait painting – (The Girl with the Pearl Earring and The Mona Lisa) in Renaissance style (Gr 10) and individual learners who work in the classical style (Gr 11), with the pop and monochromatic style of the later years of Warhol and the pop art movement involving the same two images (Gr 10). We included all the Gr 9 learners who had to construct puppets for Term 4, by introducing them to body art and performance art via life puppetry and puppet mastery.

This visual performance debate was centred by a Grade 11 learner seated at a chess table moving paper cups with different motives around. The paper cups presented the art world as a silent language and visual voyeur and interpreter of our world and the viewer as the same voyeur and interpreter of the art world in an interactive state. The puppets and their masters presented our world, in which we are manipulated by our social, environmental, political and economic environment and unseen orchestrators.

This years’ performance art, which is unique to Meridian Pinehurst, a yearly event at our Evening of Excellence, showcased the work of over 100 young artists.