Dot's Learning Centre Uniform Structure

Dot’s Learning Centre does not have a school uniform, as we feel our learners should wear clothing that they are comfortable in. We do not all look the same or learn the same, therefore we don’t dress the same.

Learners should wear clothing which is suitable and age-appropriate. We do however have rules when it comes to the dress of our learners.

Learners are not allowed to wear distasteful slogans, words and pictures on their clothing.

No untasteful piercings are allowed.


  • No revealing and see-through tops or pants allowed
  • Tights are allowed if a long shirt covers the bottom
  • Shorts and skirts are to be knee-level
  • Tummies must be covered and may not be exposed
  • Hair must not fall into the face and must always be neat
  • Blouses and tops will be buttoned up properly
  • Jeans, long pants and shorts with T-shirts and tops are good options
  • Make-up must be kept to a minimal
  • Shoes must always be worn
  • No caps or beanies allowed
  • For younger learners (who are still making use of the jungle gyms and slides) we ask that shorts be worn under skirts and dresses


  • Neat short hair, hair must not hang in the face
  • Facial hair must be shaved – no beards or moustaches
  • No saggy pants are allowed
  • Long shorts, pants or jeans with shirts and T-shirts are good options
  • Shoes must always be worn
  • Nails must be kept short and clean
  • No caps or beanies allowed

When in doubt, do not wear it. We would like to prevent uncomfortable situations for all and therefor would encourage our parents to support us in this regard.