Facilities at Dot's Learning Centre

Computer Applications Technology (CAT) classroom
Dot’s Learning Centre has a fully-equipped CAT classroom. Computer Applications Technology is a subject offered from Grade 10.

Occupational therapy and sensory room
In order to improve learners’ gross motor, fine motor, visual-perceptual and sensory-motor skills. Our aim is to provide and enable learners to reach their potential at school and in everyday tasks – empowering learners to master skills such as reading, writing, cutting, colouring, etc.

School counsellor
Our school counsellor gives valuable assistance to learners; helping them with their academic goals, social and personal development, and development. 

Counselling is designed to facilitate learner achievement, improve behaviour and attendance, and help learners develop socially.

The focus of the support team is to bridge the gap between where our learners currently function academically and where they should be. We assist learners to overcome  their learning difficulties.

We accommodate learners in need of academic support that goes beyond what is normally offered or received in the regular classroom setting.

School bus service
Unfortunately, Dot’s Learning Centre does not currently have a bus service.

Unfortunately, Dot’s Learning Centre does not currently have an aftercare facility.