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Curro Holdings acquired Dot’s Learning Centre to form part of the Curro Select Schools.  Curro Select Schools retain their original well-established identities and ethos, but now have the full support of Curro Holdings to allow the schools to reach their full potential.

We provide mainstream assisted learning through quality academic intervention through smaller, more manageable classes. Dot’s Learning Centre ensures that every learner receives enough time, attention and focus from teachers.

Our aim is to address every learner’s individual learning differences. Therefore, we provide quality academic education intervention.

Dot’s Learning Centre is a registered independent combined school and teaches a CAPS-aligned programme for learners from Grade 1 to Grade 12.

With Dot’s Learning Centre, no learning situation is seen as too difficult, but rather as a motivation for which a new learning strategy must be developed.

 ‘Learners do not all learn the same way’, and as a result, we take into consideration how learners are stimulated to learn and how they process and retain information.

Lessons are tailored to meet our learners’ instinctive learning abilities and through our structured environment, learners develop and grow holistically.

Guidance is given to our learners to have a better understanding of the work, thus helping them feel more self-confident and allowing them to take pride in their work. We adapt our classes and teaching style to suit the individual needs of the learners. 

The staff of Dot’s Learning Centre commit themselves to the specialised education of each learner, striving to prepare for a successful academic outcome while encouraging the individual to attain his/her personal goals.

With the addition of a counsellor, occupational therapist (OT) and remedial support centre, we ensure that support services are available to all learners between 08:00 and 14:15 every day.

View our fact sheet for school times, activities and more information on our offering.

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