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Curro Uitzicht

Curro Uitzicht is an independent school in Durbanville, Cape Town that provides high-quality assisted learning for learners from Grade 1 to Grade 12. Our approach to specialised education within the mainstream curriculum is meant for learners who need additional support to achieve expected competencies in the core academic skills – literacy and numeracy. Our dedicated teachers build a close relationship with each learner, so that their unique educational needs can be accommodated.


What is assisted learning?

Assisted learning provides high quality educational assistance to learners who need smaller classes where they can get the immediate support they need to achieve expected competencies. Learners still write the national matric exams with the necessary support and concessions provided by the Education Department and the school.

For learners to benefit from assisted learning, they need to be able to maintain the basics of the mainstream curriculum with the support provided by the school. Learners who are unable to do so, would benefit more from remedial learning than assisted learning.


What do we offer?

At Curro Uitzicht, we offer a unique approach to mainstream education in the form of assisted learning. Our learners follow the regular mainstream CAPS-curriculum, but our small classes allow our dedicated teachers and specialised therapists to build a personal relationship with each learner. Thereby, we can accommodate each learner according to their unique needs.

In addition to academic learning, our counsellor, occupational therapist and learning support centre also support the development of physical, emotional and social well-being, so that learners can integrate confidently in mainstream society as adults after Grade 12.


How do we accommodate our learners?

Our dedicated teachers and on-site support team assist learners in the classroom throughout the day. We also arrange for one-on-one sessions in the learning support centre when we notice that more in-depth assistance is needed.

Our classrooms are designed to promote concentration and serenity, while our schedules and daily school times remain consistent throughout the year. Thereby, we create a great sense of security for learners prone to emotional or routine-related needs. In addition, we have no school uniforms to avoid any sensory or physical discomfort.

We also minimise visual and tactile obstacles by considering the learning environment as a whole. Overhead lights are strategically placed, assessments are often printed on off-yellow paper rather than stark white paper, font sizes are often enlarged on assessments, and learners may apply for other assessment accommodations during exams.


What else is near Curro Uitzicht?
Curro Uitzicht is conveniently near residential areas in Durbanville such as Sonstraal Heights and Pinehurst, and is easily accessible from Brackenfell Boulevard. The safe neighbourhood allows you to drop your children on our school campus with peace of mind about their safety.

For more information on what Curro Uitzicht offers, view our fact sheet and fees letter, contact us for a school tour, or enrol your child.

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