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Primary school

Intermediate phase (Grade 4 to Grade 6) and Grade 7

In these grades, the emphasis is still on establishing basic foundations, but learners are led into more abstract thought and independent work. We prepare them for high school by teaching them how to apply the skills and concepts they have learned. We also promote creativity and critical thinking by encouraging children to make their own choices within well-established boundaries. Lessons are taught in English with learners having a choice between Afrikaans and isiZulu as their first additional language.

Our learning model in the primary school starts off with learners participating in a morning preparation call with their class teacher. The teacher provides the tasks for the day and guides the learners on what they must do. The learning platform then takes the learner to the online course, where they work with interactive material and do class assignments as needed. The teacher will check on the progress of the learners and provide guidance and tutoring sessions as needed. The dedicated teachers are also available at any point for the learners to ask for help. The class teacher will also schedule dedicated calls with a small group of learners during the day to show them how they are progressing, and give them feedback on where they misunderstood key concepts. As a parent, you are required to provide very limited supervision to your child during the day and will not be required to do any of the teaching.


Learners from this phase onwards use e-learning devices (e-books) rather than textbooks, depending on the subject. This further helps to prepare learners for the ever-changing realities of university and the workplace of the future. Some of our specialised subjects include (virtual) Robotics and Economic and Management Sciences.


View more on Curro Online’s primary school offering on our fact sheet.


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