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Intermediate phase sports

Sports offered:

  • Hockey 
  • Rugby 
  • Netball 
  • Athletics 
  • Chess 
  • Cricket
  • Tennis
  • Soccer

Intermediate phase: Grades 4 to 7

Participation in sport and the role of physical development are based on the ethos of Curro Mossel Bay. This is to ensure that all learners are educated in totality and to create opportunities as far as possible for each learner to develop as an individual. It is therefore important that learners are encouraged to participate in sport. 

Other activities offered by private tutors/coaches held on Curro Mossel Bay premises: 

  • Ballet  
  • Hip-hop dancing 
  • Golf  
  • Sailing 
  • Gymnastics
  • Tennis

To encourage all learners to participate in at least one sport, the academic roster includes two compulsary activities per week where coaching and training in various activities take place. 

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