School facilities

Aquatics center 

Curro Langebaan is the only school on the West Coast that boasts an aquatics centre that hosts the following: swimming club, underwater hockey club and biathlon training. Our Curro Castle Langebaan learners also take advantage of our aquatics centre to learn water safety skills as part of their curriculum. 

Multi-functional centre 

Our multi-functional centre can accommodate a wide variety of sports and functions such as the following: 

  • Hockey 
  • Tennis 
  • Netball 
  • Events 
  • West Coast Youth Orchestra 

Specialist learning support service  

The specialist learning support service involves the resources, strategies and practices that provide physical, social, emotional and intellectual support to enable all pupils to have an equal opportunity for success at school by addressing barriers to and promoting engagement in learning and teaching. 

The service helps learners to achieve maximum proficiency in literacy and numeracy before leaving primary school. The learners are taken out of the mainstream classes and work is done in areas where there are difficulties, e.g. reading, writing, spelling, language and mathematics. After the session learners return to the mainstream classes. 

The learning support educator focuses on providing supplementary teaching to learners who require additional help. Additional support for learning means giving learners extra help or support so they can get the most out of their education. 

For any questions please contact Celestte Forte on 083 9282 324. 


Curro Langebaan boasts a modern hostel established in July 2014. 

Hostel information: 

  • Boys and girls Grade 7 to Grade 12 
  • Room for 20 girls and 20 boys 
  • Educator: learner ratio = 1:20 
  • Wi-Fi 
  • DSTV 
  • Seven days per week (two out weekends/term) 
  • Well-balanced menu 
  • Security: full alarm system 
  • Four learners/room 
  • Homely atmosphere, modern layout 
  • Excellent supervision, stay-in educator per 20 learners 
  • Less travel time, more time for sport, culture, academics and fun 

Please note all hostel applications must be received before 15 November. 

Download: Hostel Application Form

Bus service 

The following bus services are available: 

  • Velddrif 
  • Yzerfontein/Darling 
  • St. Helenabaai 

Please contact the school for information about routes and departure times. 


Aftercare operates until 17:30 Monday to Friday. We request that our parents respect these times.