Reception phase

In the reception phase, we focus on teaching the foundational skills, concepts and knowledge which are required for further learning. We offer a vibrant, invitational atmosphere where the learners enjoy coming to school and where they acquire a love for learning that will sustain them throughout their school years. We acknowledge the potential in each learner to reach optimum ability; therefore, there is less emphasis on competitiveness and more emphasis on individual achievement. We create opportunities for personal growth in independence and responsibility so that learners can take up the challenge of being personally responsible and accountable for their actions in the foundation phase. 

The three main learning areas in the foundation phase are: 

  • Mathematics 
  • Home language 
  • Life Skills, which focuses on personal, social, physical and creative arts development. 

Additional information on the reception phase  

  • years turning 4 (Group 4) 
  • 4- to 5-year-old (Group 5) as well as 5- to 6-year-old learners (Grade R) are enrolled 
  • A curriculum with a variety of interesting contents that is followed throughout the year (CAPS) 
  • Term reports that focus on three subjects:home language, Mathematics and Life Skills 
  • Regular communication with parents regarding the progress of the learner including one-on-one interviews 
  • A weekly KDA programme, which puts the focus on the general physical development of the learner 
  • Learning outside the class interesting and educational outings pertaining to specific themes 
  • Free eye assessments for all new learners 
  • Social functions for the learners, parents and grandparents during the year 
  • Graduation ceremony