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Intermediate phase

Intermediate phase: Grade 4 to Grade 7  

In the intermediate phase, the emphasis is still on establishing basic foundations but learners are led into more abstract thought and independent work. Application of skills and concepts is also a focus area in this phase. This phase aims to prepare learners for the senior phase in the high school. 

We aim to embrace 21st century learning by incorporating the use of tablets, as an additional learning tool, into our classrooms. By embracing this innovative technology into our schools, we are speaking the language our learners understand. 


  • English home language 
  • Afrikaans first additional language 
  • Mathematics 
  • Natural Sciences (with Robotics) 
  • Social Sciences (Geography and History) 
  • Life Skills (Art, Physical Education, Bible, Health and Wellbeing) 
  • Life Orientation (Grade 7) 
  • EMS (Grade 7) 
  • Arts and Culture (Grade 7) 
  • Technology (Grade 7) 

To align with 21st century skills Curro Century City focuses on core subjects, namely Mathematics, Languages, Science and Technology. 


Mathematics is taught daily and throughout the term various concepts are covered, such as number work, measurement, data handling, shape and space, etc. We strongly advise that Mathematics is revised on a daily basis at home. It is also very important that as daily homework your child revise their multiplication tables, as this is essential knowledge for mastering the more complex concepts later on. 


Curro Century City uses an individualised approach of matching learners to book levels as well as using guided reading and writing when teaching languages. Added to this is the implementation of reciprocal teaching of reading to enhance each learner’s deeper reading comprehension. 

  • English home language: We focus on building the learners’ current skills in the English language. The learners work on their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills daily. These are vital for all other areas, as we are an English-medium school.  
  • Afrikaans first additional language: Afrikaans is taught as a second language. As with English, the learners work on understanding and improving their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in Afrikaans daily.  

Science and Technology  

In Robotics learners build and program Lego robots for 25% of the tuition time. The Science curriculum has been adapted to include 21st century content and learning. 

In science we learn about life and living, matter and materials, energy and change, and then we explore outer space. For Technology we work through the robotics programme, where the children learn about the design process, structures, systems and control, and how to do basic programming. Each term one grade runs through the robotics programme, and we all take turns. Robotics covers the Technology section of the curriculum.  

Social Sciences 

Social Sciences consists of Geography and History. Learners learn about the local area, map work, our history, farming and many more interesting topics. 

Life Skills 

Life Skills is made up of physical education, music, art and personal and social well-being. Marks from all these different subjects are combined to make up their final Life Skills mark at the end of the term.