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Curro Castle Sitari

Curro Castle Sitari is a delightful place where we believe in the magic of childhood, the joy of being young and the unbridled innocence of youth, where children can find sanctuary during the day while their parents are busy in the working world.

Our mission at Curro Castle Sitari is to guide your children with compassion through appropriate and meaningful quality education in partnership with you, their parents. Here we inspire young minds to be extraordinary. The strength of our faith and our commitment to excellence and diversity take us beyond the classroom.

The themed Curro Castle Sitari comes complete with detailed fantasy surroundings for children, a story queen, a healthy and balanced daily menu for your young ones, fun-filled holiday programmes and lots of fun and educational activities. We have created a space where children can be cherished with love and prepared for the world outside by qualified educators through relevant Christian education.

The staff and premises are focused on children and we will do everything in our power to enable your little star to enjoy childhood to the full. We know how precious and short-lived that period is, therefore we feel strongly that each child’s preschool years should be happy and carefree. At our Castle everybody is a prince or princess and they are equally beautiful, clever and strong. Every child is unique and it is important for us that every child be given the opportunity to be themselves.

We believe in fairy tales and dreams. We believe in creating and drawing  not as adults would like it to be done, but rather as the child would experience it.

We realise that we can never take the place of the parent, but we are certainly going to guide your child, day by day, with the same measure of compassion and empathy – right up to that important day of going to school.

Additional Details:

  • Boys and girls from all areas
  • Parallel-medium classes – English and Afrikaans
  • 3 months to 5 years (Group 1 to Group 5)



Visit our Curro Sitari page for more information about our primary and high schools (Grade R to Grade 12).