Activity centre 
The Curro Castle Kiddies Activity Centre is an interactive centre where children between the ages of 3 and 9 years old learn a variety of life, business and technical skills through role playing under the supervision of trained guides. 

The Kiddies Activity Centre comprises miniature outlets where children learn the specific skills applicable to various businesses. At the Capitec mini-bank the children learn the basic principles of money management, at the mini-supermarket outlet they learn how to shop within a budget and more! 

Each participating company provides their exhibition/outlet at their own expense. Not only do our own little princes and princesses reap the benefit of this fun activity centre, but it is also open to other invited schools. They bring one class at a time to experience the fun of a mini real-world learning environment. The centre is operated on a non-profit basis, but an entry fee is charged to the visiting schools to cover maintenance and the wages of the guides. 

Our playground is covered in AstroTurf, and we have a set of sprinklers set up to cool it off on hot days ... and also to cool off hot children on summer days! 

The playground equipment is imported from Sweden and made to the highest quality standards available.