Curro Century City would like to encourage our parents to move forward from the parent action group to a parent advisory committee, which would allow you to have far more input into the life of your children while they are at Curro Century City. We would like to invite all parents interested in serving on the committee to collect a nomination form and have their name put forward. The complete constitution is available on our website.  

Below are the legal capacity, mission and objectives of the parent advisory committee.  

  1. Legal capacity  

The parent advisory committee (PAC) has full legal capacity for its own operations, within its mandate, as set out in this constitution and through its duly elected and authorised representatives. Without detracting from the generality thereof, the legal capacity includes the capacity to pass resolutions, enter into negotiations, conclude agreements, generate funds in accordance with the provisions of this constitution, open and maintain a bank account, institute and defend legal action and generally do anything and everything required to implement and fulfil the activities contemplated in terms of this constitution, inasmuch as none of the above will contravene or contradict any Curro policies or school policies or in any way interfere with the operations of the school.  

  1. Mission 

The mission of the PAC is to mobilise parents in a structured manner to engage with and become part of the Curro Century City school community in a manner that will benefit the learners and the school. Parents will, through their involvement and specific skills, support the school management in an advisory capacity on matters that will add value to all parties, especially the learners. Parent involvement will not interfere with the professional educational management of the school.  

  1. Objectives 

The objectives of the PAC are to:  

3.1 Advise the executive head and school management team of Curro Century City about matters affecting and impacting the different portfolios associated with the PAC.  

3.2 Organise events at the school in accordance with this constitution.  

3.3 Advise the executive head and school management team on parents’ views on matters relating to the school and its activities.  

3.4 Communicate with parents and promote cooperation between the home and the school.  

3.5 Promote the conservation of resources and respect for the environment.  

3.6 Assist parents in communicating with the school and, where necessary, provide support for individual learners and their parents in communications with the school.  

Click below to view Curro Century City’s Parent Advisory Committee Constitution: